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My Clients

These are just a few of the testimonials recorded and written by people who have recently been through The Thrive Programme with me…

The Thrive Programme has completely changed things for me and has equipped me with the skills to deal with the pressures of work without stress or hassle. I am more confident in relationships with both those close to me and with strangers.

Learning how anxiety, stress and low self-esteem are created really gives you the power to minimise your own making of them and I have completely turned around my own self-esteem thanks to the programme. By the end of the 6 weeks I even had the courage to propose to my boyfriend!!

Simon is a brilliant help who remains completely impartial throughout, letting you make up your own mind and see the way forward. At the same time he is very relatable and is genuinely interested in your life. He was so thrilled when I told him I had proposed to my boyfriend!!

I’m mum to a 15 year old daughter who was not achieving to the best of her ability. For me it was extremely sad watching her avoid many things that she could do simply because she didn’t want attention, to fail or look silly. I realised that the issue was beyond me re-assuring or reiterating her successes as inwardly she had shut down and my words were just empty words to her. I was recommended Simon and looked into the Thrive Programme as an option to help my daughter who realised too that she would like to handle situations different. We attended weekly sessions covering the programme and in between session had lots of “homework”. I must admit I struggled with the “homework” and ended up reading at a different rate to my daughter which I would of preferred us to read together and discuss our thoughts as we went along but this was only a minor issue which we dealt with when we could. Life was very hectic through the six weeks with Simon so we will benefit from re-reading the thrive book again as recommended by Simon anyway. This however did not stop the changes my daughter made, it is true the more effort put in the greater results you will get out. She seems a lot calmer with certain situations now and was certainly a great flyer going on the family holiday this summer which saw her going from a nervous flyer to an excited one. Remarkable difference and so lovely for me to see, also the family noticed the changes in her too! Simon was good with my daughter, got to know her, involved me and worked with us both to get the best results. I would recommend Simon and the Thrive Programme and am glad that my daughter and I have benefited from it.
‘Hi my name is Laura and I am 15 years old. I visited Simon as I lacked confidence and would rather not attempt things than fail at them. It was easier to quit and walk away then it was to look silly and not achieve! I also wasn’t a great flyer and would dread family holidays abroad till I was there. The Thrive Programme showed me how to look at things differently and taught me how to put things into perspective. I managed to change my way of thinking to allow me to do more of the things that I want to and to believe in myself more. I flew to Canada in the summer and for the first time was more excited about flying than nervous. I even took a trip on a sea plane in Alaska which was great. I thought Simon to be very approachable and helpful, explaining things in more detail if I wasn’t sure, I was always happy to go along to the sessions, even if I didn’t do all the homework/reading that was needed that week! I now feel less nervous and more willing to try new things, last weekend I even went rock climbing for the first time and had great fun. I would recommend the Thrive Programme and Simon as I was shown other ways of dealing with things which has now changed the way I deal with certain things.’

‘I met with Simon to combat my issues around my weight and negative thoughts. It has been a great experience and I have learnt so many things about myself and the way my mind works. Whilst it’s not always comfortable scrutinising yourself, what you gain is so worth it. Since seeing Simon, I have left so many of my negative thoughts behind and I feel so much better for it. One thing Simon said that really stuck with me was ‘let’s go to your comfort zone and push out, let’s make your world that little big bigger one step at a time’ and through doing so I really feel my world is getting bigger and I have endless opportunities awaiting! I cannot recommend Simon’s help enough, he is so kind, patient and has a great sense of humour. If you’re thinking of undertaking the Thrive programme, just go for it. You won’t regret it!’
Olivia, 21
“It’s now been well over a month since my final Thrive session with Simon and, for me, the benefits of what I worked through with him have been so profound as to consider them life-changing. I do not make that statement lightly.

The opportunities to genuinely reflect on why you live your life the way you do and then discover and remove those cycles of behaviour that restrict you being a success are rare.

But that’s what Thrive does.

From the endless epiphanies as to the root causes of unhelpful beliefs through to the understanding of where you make repeated mistakes, errors of judgement and how to tolerate and react to adversity ……. well, it felt amazing to work through that during the course and it continues now much later.

Whether you are here to address personal or professional elements of your life, I cannot recommend the Thrive Programme highly enough. For me personally, it’s like a fog has been lifted and, genuinely, there’s nothing to stop you achieving your goals in life.

While it is so important that you put in the work to realise the greatest benefit, I must say that Simon is the perfect guide through it all. Respectful, patient, insightful, challenging and appropriately imbued with good humour and honesty when needed, I will go on thanking him for what he’s helped me achieve.

So, if you are thinking of the Thrive Programme, go for it. You have nothing to lose and a world of possibilities to gain. Others around you may be taken aback at the sheer level of ‘relentless positivity’ you will take out of the course …… but that’s because you’re thriving!”.

My husband and I approached Simon with a specific goal in mind. Initially, despite a really interesting consultation, I was more skeptical than my husband on how The Thrive Programme would help. But I was prepared to give anything a go, and this programme had enough in it to engage me. I found the book very easy to read while covering rather challenging aspects of self-evaluation. It is not easy to sit and analyse how and why you do the things you do. Sometimes, what you uncover is not that pretty. But this self-awareness helped me realise that I would be able to make changes in my life that would have great impact on me in the first instance, but also in my marriage, in my role as a parent, and with friends and work colleagues. However, the book itself would not be sufficient. It was so important to me to be able to discuss the different chapters with Simon, to understand in greater detail how to apply the learnings in making even small changes in my life. Simon is so easy to talk to. He is intelligent, challenging, funny, sharp and seemed to get a real understanding of who I am very quickly. He knew how to question me in such a way that would make me think about aspects of my beliefs in a different way. There are no right or wrong answers. There are just the answers that apply to you and your personal life. Since completing the course I have become conscious how many, many people would benefit. It is not a course for those with a ‘problem’. It’s a course for those who want to lead a fulfilling and happy life. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Thank you Simon, from the bottom of my heart
Zosia, 38
Dear Simon,

I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. I just wanted to follow up from my last session. These last 6 weeks have truly been life changing and although a lot of that has been down to me and the effort I have put in, I do also need to say a massive THANK YOU to you!!! I’m so glad I found you and this programme! Every week I looked forward to our sessions and discussing topics and the meanings behind things and I really have enjoyed it! I’m so proud of the person I have become, who I have been wanting to be for so long, just never knew how to get there. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! You really do have a great way of challenging people to reach their full potential… 🙂

Thank you for all your support, I will always be grateful.

Katie 28
I initially contacted Simon for my 10 year old son in relation to anxieties. Simon explained that with children that young he works through the programme with the parent who can then pass it on. We decided to deal with my fear of swimming and putting my face in the water. It also became apparent that my self esteem was very low, though at the time I didn’t quite appreciate how low and so subsequently didn’t think it was having a negative impact on my life (how wrong I was!). I remember thinking at that first session, there is no way I will get over my fear of swimming in as little as six weeks but by week five I was in a swimming pool and putting my head completely under, a huge achievement for me and one I thought would not EVER be possible. My self esteem has also risen dramatically and I now feel so much happier, positive and confident and realise that I was just existing in life before. I’m now looking forward to passing all I’ve learnt onto my son in order to help him through his anxieties. My only disappointment is that the sessions came to an end as I enjoyed talking with Simon, who was relaxed, humorous and friendly, which made it seem more like as I was catching up with a friend rather than speaking with a therapist. I would highly recommend the Thrive programme to anyone, it really has changed the way I think and feel. Thank you Simon !
Jo 45
Having suffered from anxiety for a number of years I have tried numerous therapies, strategies and medication to try to overcome my constant worries. Feeling hopeless, I was pointed towards the Thrive programme. Having completed the six-week course, my anxiety levels have reduced dramatically and I feel confident and strong enough to enjoy life again. The course has been instrumental in my new and improved outlook on life, and for that I cannot thank Simon enough. Thrive is a fantastic programme, and Simon a dedicated consultant. I am thriving and you can too !
A.D. 24
I had contacted Simon and enrolled into the six week Thrive programme after suffering from various forms of social anxiety and low self-esteem. Simon was brilliant in the way he delivered what the programme was about, how to identify the underlying problem with regards to my issues and in providing me with the tools, encouragement and expert guidance each step of the way.

A lot of people out there are sceptical as to whether Thrive works (I was one of them), however, I can tell you from personal experience that it most definitely DOES work as long as you are willing to make changes, challenge yourself and put the time and effort required to prosper. As I worked with Simon and through the Thrive book, I began to learn that I was in control of how I felt in uncomfortable social situations and with regards to my low self-esteem. I felt more and more empowered as every week went by and towards the end of the programme, I felt truly invincible!

Life will always have challenges and will likely throw you a curve ball now and again, however, the Thrive programme will teach you and provide you with the necessary tools with which to deal with any situation.

Arif 33
I came across Thrive when I was searching for help for my 12 year old son who was being completely controlled by his huge fear of being sick. I had been through some other therapies first but they seemed to make the situation worse. We then had 7 sessions via Skype with Simon and I can honestly say the change in my son is amazing. We worked through the book with Simon’s expert guidance – he was excellent with my son and managed to explain things in a very age relevant way with humour and enthusiasm which kept my son engaged throughout the process. Thrive has given my son his life back and more. He feels more confident and says he now understands that he can control his reactions to anything! I know the Thrive Programme approach works – EVERYONE SHOULD TRAIN!! Thank you so much Simon.
Jo 44
I came to visit Simon and I’ve just completed the Thrive programme. My problems were numerous at the beginning; really low self-esteem, very anxious about all sorts of different problems. Since completing the Programme I’ve learned that I made my problems harder for myself as I didn’t understand them in the first place. So the Thrive Programme book has shown me how to overcome these problems and has given me the tools and the insight into how to deal with them. Basically I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It was money well spent. I feel like a different person now that I’ve gone through this course and I would recommend it to anyone !
Scott 41
I was introduced to the Thrive program and had six sessions with Simon Mason, and I can honestly say it was something I was skeptical of to begin with, but I quickly found that this thing works. I suffered from low self-esteem and a nasty temper which I lost quite easily. I felt out of control and was spiraling towards depression. I can’t believe how much the book and program has helped me. I now understand that I am in control of my own wellbeing and that I am the one who decides what and who affect me. I no longer lose my rag and have much more patience with things in my life. My road rage is nonexistent, I don’t smoke anymore, (after 25 years on the things) and I feel much more in control of my life. This is not an easy path by any means and it takes work and commitment, but it is not your normal sit on a couch and tell me about your mother kind of therapy. It works, if you work. Go for it.
Lloyd 40
I have been suffering from anxiety and fear of public speaking for as long as I remember and decided I needed to do something about it as it was beginning to affect my work and life. I was also getting married and knew I had to do the dreaded speech which I had been worrying about for years!

So I enrolled on the Thrive Programme and I couldn’t recommend it enough, it has enabled me to take control back and things I would worry about constantly leading to my anxiety has now stopped. I feel I can now deal with whatever life throws at me and use the energy I was wasting worrying in a positive way. By the way my speech went really well and I didn’t even worry about it! Thank you so much Simon!

Steve 35
I was introduced to the Thrive programme and had six sessions with Simon Mason, and I can honestly say it was a revelation to me and has completely changed my life. I suffered from low self-esteem and drank when I was stressed, as a way to escape from the struggles of day to day life. I can’t believe how much the book and programme has helped me. I now realise that self-esteem comes from within and it has enabled me to recognise the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, I no longer catastrophise and am able to keep my stress levels down. I have been more in control than I have ever been and I feel better about myself than I ever have. I am 51. I have worked hard on the programme and am going to re-read the book to make sure Thrive stays a way of life for me. The last seven years of my life have been truly awful for me with my divorce and unforseen family struggles, but after six weeks I see a positive rosy future for myself and my son. So a big thanks to Simon !
T.A.S. 51
With regards to my ‘fear of flying’ I just wanted to update you on how it all went, which was quite well to be honest. I read through more of the book which I love and found it really helped. I had a bit of a wobble at the airport but managed to control my emotions whilst in the air (even though we flew through a storm!) and it turned out to be the best holiday I have had in a while !
Charlotte 26
I was diagnosed as suffering from P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and anxiety 14 years ago. I felt crippled by my worries and, as a result, was unable to travel outside a 2 mile radius of my home. I met with Simon and found him very approachable and I felt very relaxed at the sessions. Over the weeks, my whole thinking process changed and for the first time, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and challenge my thoughts and behaviour. As a result, I was able to travel and take my children and their friends out. The effect has not only been seen by me but by family, friends and colleagues. It is amazing how many people suffer in silence. I have no hesitation in recommending both The Thrive Programme and Simon to others. He has worked with me to achieve goals that I did not think were possible. Thank you Simon.
Maggie 49
I contacted Simon about anxiety. It seems funny now reading that list of symptoms I had at the first session.I have changed so much since our first meeting. You don’t realise how much your thinking habits and limiting beliefs affect you. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of thinking negatively without even realising you’re doing it. It was great working through the book with Simon who was always enthusiastic and encouraging. Before you know it you’ve changed and you find yourself laughing when you realise your negative thinking habits. It’s definitely worth working through the Thrive programme if you’re feeling down, constantly anxious or stressed. Thanks Simon.
Brian 40
Weight has been a problem in my life for over 20 years and I have tried numerous diets and forms of exercise over the years without any real success. What I hadn’t realised is that it wasn’t the diets that were failing, it was the way I was thinking about them and the lack of belief I had in myself. When I heard of Thrive, whilst still very sceptical, it was something different and seemed worth giving a go. Having just finished going through the Thrive Programme with Simon, the difference in the way I think about things is immense and what I got out of the programme is much more than I had expected. While I haven’t come through the programme 5 stone lighter and a size 10, what I have come out has greater valuable… I have the confidence, the belief and the knowledge to not only get me to my target weight, but also to move forward in so many other areas of my life as well. I am so glad I went through the programme and send a massive thank you to Simon for his support, guidance and humour throughout – I would recommend a Simon/ Thrive combo to anyone ready to put in the time and effort to help themselves change, move forwards and Thrive!
R.S. 30

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